Co-locators at Station 20 West share our space and resources and operate related social outreach enterprises.

Boxcar Café

The Boxcar café is a non-profit program of Station 20 West offering healthy, affordable and freshly made food to members of the community and the staff and vistors of Station 20 West. The Boxcar Café also offers catering services for events and meetings being held at Station 20 West.

Building Health Equity

The Building Health Equity program was formed in 2007 to address health equity issues within the core-neighbourhoods of Saskatoon. 

CHEP Good Food Inc.

CHEP believes that food is a basic right and that a community development approach that brings people together around good food is necessary to fulfill our mission. CHEP's vision is for a food secure community. 

KidsFirst Program

KidsFirst is a home-based early childhood development program offered to families who would benefit from additional support in areas that have an impact on child health and development and family well-being. The vision of KidsFirst is that all children enjoy a good start in life and are nurtured by caring families and communities.

Quint Development Corporation

Quint Development Corporation is a unique not-for-profit organization, focused on creating economic opportunities that help to strengthen communities and improve social conditions for Saskatoon residents. Area residents conceived the corporation with support from civic and provincial governments, and Saskatoon businesses. The goal is to create opportunities for stable housing, jobs and economic development in Saskatoon's West-side core neighbourhoods.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan is a woman-centered, non-profit organization committed to working with women before, during, and after incarceration. We are the only organization in the province of Saskatchewan working specifically with adult women and their families involved with the criminal justice system.

University of Saskatchewan

More information coming soon.