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Why support Station 20 West?

Because we don't do hand outs. We offer a hand up. Which makes us a little different. A hand up teaches a person how to budget, cook and create a resume. A hand up creates equity by providing fall protection training or connecting a person with photo ID. A hand up is employment training and a job offer. It's also:

  • affordable housing
  • access to a computer for job searches, drivers ed, or when looking for a place to live
  • nutrition education and access to healthy affordable food
  • a safe place to hang out with your child and have an adult coversation with other parents
  • opportunities for completing a GED and access to higher education
  • access to respectful health care that recognizes the challenges of poverty and the barriers poverty creates in the lives of those directly impacted by it.

A healthy core makes for a healthy city.

A hand up in Pleasant Hill increases the well being of everyone in Pleasant Hill. But it also increases the well being of every person in Stonebridge and Hampton Village. Because a healthy core makes for a healthy city. And each co-locator in Station 20 West addresses key social determinants in creating a healthy city. Likewise, as an organization, we are guided by the principles of respect, resiliance and reconciliation, which are essential to strengthing our community and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute to the well being of our city and province.

Donate today!

Your donation plays a key role in our ability to offer a hand up to those who need one. Thank you for choosing to donate to Station 20 West.

Donations are tax-receiptable. Our registered charity number is #80749-7672-RR0001.

3 convenient ways to donate:


Donate online. Click here to donate online set up either a one-time gift, or arrange to give monthly.
donate now through!


Make a phone call. We are available during business hours. Please phone 306–343–9378


Write a cheque. Make it payable to Station 20 West and mail to or drop off at: 206 1120 20 St W Saskatoon S7M 0Y8.

Thank you for helping to make Saskatoon a healthier place for everyone to live, work and play.

Wish List

Where your money will go this year:
  • Supporting personal development opportunities for community members
  • Bringing essential clinics, such as Law Clinics, ID clinics, Flu and vaccine clinics to the area
  • Providing on the job training & employment to young people from the community
  • Ensuring space is available for poverty reduction efforts, free yoga, and cooking classes
  • Reminding everyone in the city that everyone deserves a clean, respectful space to get a hand up
More specifically:
  • a second kitchen for cooking classes
  • table and chairs (these get heavy use and wear out)
  • employment and job training program at Boxcar Cafe
  • blinds for the big community room
  • 2 million dollar mortgage
  • sound system
  • better integration between the commercial kitchen and meal-ready offerings in the store