Board Room

About the space

Located on the second floor of Station 20 West, with elevator access, this room is fully wheelchair accessible.


Counter space

Sink access

Tables & Chairs


White boards


Full room: $210/day or $105/half-day (includes GST)
Half room: $105/day or $52.50/half-day (includes GST)

Room features

Seats 30 people, or 15 per side. Can be made into two spaces by a moveable floor-to-ceiling partition.

Floor Space: Overall: approximately 12m (44’) x 7m (23’)(irregular shape)

North Half: approximately 5.8m (19’) x 7m (23’) (irregular shape), approximately 40 square metres (437 square feet)

South Half: approximately 7.6m (25’) x 7m (23’) (irregular shape), approximately 53 square metres (575 square feet)

Door Widths: 0.9m (3’), Ceiling height 3.7m (12’)

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