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Saskatoon Mothers’ Centre

A Mothers’ Centre is a “public living room” where women meet to support one another.

  • The women focus on their strengths, needs, and interests and address community issues.
  • Women bring their children and take turns caring for them.
  • The centre is managed by community women from the core communities, supported by local organizations and institutions.
  • "Together we are Stronger"

Our Mission

The Mothers’ Centre uses a strength-based approach to develop skills of a diverse and intergenerational group of women.


The Saskatoon Mothers' Centre is a safe space where mothers and their children can gather in a warm and welcoming environment.

It is open to all women of all ages, classes, backgrounds and nationalities. Women and their children are welcome from all areas of Saskatoon, including new residents and recent immigrants.

The centre provides coffee, tea and snacks. Our drop-in hours are 9-12 pm Tuesday & Wednesday 1-4 pm Thursday & Friday.

The Mothers' Centre provides opportunities for women to become involved in community building.

Our focus for our centre is to build confidence through connecting and supporting one another, while nurturing women's strengths and leadership skills.

Please feel free to join us for coffee and conversation, we would love to hear your thoughts on what we can offer the community and what you can offer the Mothers' Centre is return!


Shantell Kelly
Host Coordinator
Saskatoon Mothers' Centre
(306) 652-1802